Learn to Macra-make: A Knotting Class
Learn to Macra-make: A Knotting Class
Learn to Macra-make: A Knotting Class
Learn to Macra-make: A Knotting Class
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Learn to Macra-make: A Knotting Class

Are you ready to Macra-make? Forget about those out-dated macrame owl wall hangings that you find on your grandparents' wall... macramé is making a comeback in a modern and grander way. Embrace this macramé revival and learn from Hila Eshel the art of knotting cord into intricate patterns. She will teach you basic macramé knots and techniques to make your very own wall-hanging-style pot hanger. With these ‘knotty’ skills at your fingertips, you can explore new elaborate textile creations such as lightshades, chairs, rugs, pillow cases and the possibilities are just endless! It’s gonna be an addictive skill, once hooked you will be tying knots in everything! 

Saturday 28 MAY 2016, 10am to 12.30pm 

WHERE Bloesem Creative Space Singapore 
Nassim Road  

CLASS VACANCY 10 students

WHAT'S INCLUDED 2.5 fun hours of learning to be a dextrous knotter! Hila will teach you several knotting techniques and how to web your very own wall-hanging-style pot hanger. You will also learn the ropes for making future macramé projects on a grander scale. Of course, all the materials needed to make your pot hanger will be provided (including a glass pot and plant). Accompanied with delicious food and drinks, it will be “knotty” time creating and engaging with like-minded crafters like yourself! So will you be signing up for this class or "knot"?

ABOUT HILA  Hila Eshel is an artist with a background in design and culinary arts. She has been living in Singapore for the last 5 years since relocating here with her husband and two young boys. In early 2015 she took her first macrame class at Bloesem and immediately fell in love with the art. She recently opened Hili Studio where she enjoys exploring and creating handmade wall art such as weaving, macrame, and more. She is thrilled to share her inspiration and passion for weaving and macrame with others.

If you are experiencing problems with booking or payments, please so not hesitate to email us at shop.bloesem@gmail.com and we are more than happy to reserve a spot for you! 

*Workshop fees are NON REFUNDABLE

***As we put in special effort to cater to each and every students' needs, class materials and meals in preparation before the classes, we hope you understand that we will NOT be accepting any exchanges OR refunds!