Write it in Gold!
Write it in Gold!
Write it in Gold!
Write it in Gold!
Write it in Gold!
Bloesem Class

Write it in Gold!

Gold Foiling Calligraphy Class for Beginners

Do you fancy handwritten calligraphy quotes that are trending on Instagram or Pinterest? Want to learn this amazing skill but fear that your handwriting just does not make the mark? Well, in this new class we will give you the right tools and skills to kickstart your journey to writing beautiful strokes and lettering even if you think that you have barely legible handwriting. And to top off the modern sophistication of calligraphy, this very unique Bloesem Class will teach you how to work with gold foil elements to give your lettering a lush and festive look! 

Join us for a morning of learning the skill of modern calligraphy and gold leaf application with teacher, Veronica Halim. Truly for beginners, Veronica will go over the basics of calligraphy including assembling your pen, dipping your pen nib in ink, holding your pen at the right angle, applying pressure for different stroke thicknesses, as well as tracing basic lower case alphabets and capital letters. You will also learn gold leaf application techniques to give your lettering a pop of metallic golf foil! With all these basics at your fingertips, you will then learn to write your name or a favourite quote to design your very own print! We are very sure that after this class, you will be adding sweet and personal touches to birthday wishes, wedding invites, scrapbooks, notes and more!


Saturday 23 January 2016,  2.00 pm to 6.00 pm

WHERE Bloesem Creative Space in Singapore
Nassim Road 

CLASS VACANCY 12 students


WHAT'S INCLUDED 4 fun hours of learning a new skill and enjoying delicious food and drinks in our Bloesem studio. Open to beginners, the workshop will cover a demonstration of calligraphy and gold leafing techniques by Veronica, have sufficient time for you to practice strokes and lettering, plenty of feedback and one-on-one help from the teacher. You will receive a calligraphy starter kit that you will use in class and is yours to take home together with your writing creations! It will be a great time of developing your own lettering style and mastering your penmanship in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. 

ABOUT VERONICA  Veronica's interest for calligraphy piqued when she first took a calligraphy class during her years in University of Melbourne as a Design and Visual Communication undergraduate. She instantly fell in love with the soothing quality of drawing each letter and knew that this was a passion she wanted to pursue in the future. Having been a graphic designer for the past 9 years, Veronica established her own design studio 4 years ago which rapidly gained a steady client base for Corporate and Packaging Design. Due to the importance of typography as part of the design elements in every project she encountered, Veronica started practicing calligraphy again and loves experimenting with different inks and methods. Last year, Veronica started conducting several basic calligraphy classes in Jarkarta and teaches in regular crafts and diy workshop with gudily.com. She also uses Instagram to display her work and to connect with the growing calligraphy and hand lettering community online.

If you are experiencing problems with booking or payments, please so not hesitate to email us at shop.bloesem@gmail.com and we are more than happy to reserve a spot for you! 

*Workshop fees are NON REFUNDABLE


"Took my first modern calligraphy workshop with Veronica Halim at Bloesem yesterday, I can't rave enough bout the whole experience and how feminine I felt while doing it, it's so pleasant!" - Airin, L.