The Etiquette

How do I sign up for classes?
Class bookings can be made online here.

How can I pay for class bookings?
You can pay for class bookings on our website through American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. 

Do I have to bring anything for the class?
Nope! Just yourself. We have everything ready for you including a snack or meal depending on what time your class is. 

Having trouble with the site/making bookings? 
Take a deep breath then send us an email at

Where are the classes held at?
Bloesem Classes are held at Bloesem Studio in Singapore, 23 Nassim Road.

What kinds of classes are available?
You can find out more information about our classes here.

What if I can't make it for a class i already paid for?
We are sorry but we do not do refunds. You could however, have someone else take your place instead!

Does Bloesem Class organize special classes or events, like birthday parties?
Yes we do. If you are suckers for a great party, let us organize yours! Get in touch with us at for more details.

Please do not record or take any pictures while the classes are in session, though you are more than welcome to post pictures of your handy works at the end. Don't worry we will be putting up pictures of the classes on our blog and instagram, you can grab them there.

We would appreciate if you do not reproduce, duplicate or publish any information shared during our classes. Bloesem Class is not responsible for any loss of belongings or injuries that might occur at our studio or during our classes.