The Content

Tuned to specific interests of yarn crafters, KOEL content will be desirable, recognisable and achievable. Filled to the brim with big yarn ideas, KOEL will become a ‘go to’ reference.

Resembling pages of a modern recipe book, KOEL provides easy steps for makers to re-create designs. But unlike a recipe book, we want our readers to pursue their own creative intuition — to take KOEL ideas and just let their imagination run free.

KOEL readers will learn about yarns, share experiences about crafts, work and life. In KOEL, like-minded crafters will meet, enjoy making beautiful things with their hands or simply marvel at KOEL’s visual story telling. Each KOEL issue features interviews with makers showcasing their work in the most authentic form, inspiring readers along their creative journey as they engage in yarn crafting.

We believe in people, their passions and dreams. Freedom of expression. Using yarns. The good life as defined by the individual crafter, not by us or some other institution. There are no KOEL rules.