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Various types of fiber art that dares to be different. Art works with a certain je ne sais quoi.

In The Kit: Libby Moore

Libby Moore, an embroider from Australia is best known for her cross stitch portraits and works on plants and flowers. We’re pretty sure you would have seen at least a piece of her on Instagram (she’s @threadfolk!). We sat down for a quick chat with Libby to find out more about how she works, including a really KOEL tip for your future embroidery projects!

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In the Kit: Kimmy Compton

As an art educator, fiber artist and Etsy seller, Kimmy Compton, otherwise known as ‘gatherhandwoven’, has wide access to the best tools in this trade. The business owner, who recently celebrated her store’s 3rd anniversary, has so graciously agreed to let us take a peek into her tool kit, and gives her advice on curating our very own. It’s always good to pay attention to the teacher, so sit up and have a listen to what Kimmy has to share! 

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In the Kit: Lucile Trichet

Crafting can be fun, but dipping fingers in a pile of different creative projects isn’t something for everyone — unless you’re a multi disciplinary artist like Lucile Trichet. Maybe the Parisian girls do it better, because Lucile weaves, knits, crochets, makes jewelry and even sews her own clothes that she wears daily! As a craft addict, her tool and supplies kit must be a wonderful playground…


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In the Kit: Nicole Bothum

It’s the little things that bring us joy.  For Nicole Bothum, this means knitting and sharing her love for it through her brand, Miskunn. That — and a very small and organized yarn and supplies stash. KOEL took a peek into this happy, petite stash in our column In the Kit, where we’ll share with you the tools and supplies crafters use and love. 

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Meet the KOEL Kids: Izziyana Suhaimi

Yesterday marks Singapore’s 51st National Day as an independent state. Though it may be small and ever-growing, Singapore has seen an increasing vibrancy in the art scene. As KOEL is based in Singapore (if you didn’t already know!), we felt that it was befitting then to introduce to you to the city’s very own embroidery artist, Izziyana Suhaimi!

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Meet the KOEL Kids: Haily Tran

When we first saw Haily Tran’s woven art via B for Brian, we were captivated by her play of shapes and colours. After learning that she also plays in a jazz band, we knew this lady would have a lot of creativity and sass  — and truly, the “future” Mrs. Chris Hemsworth did not disappoint!

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Meet the KOEL Kids: Sylvia Hérissé

Instagram is well-known for creating and maintaining communities, and since the start of KOEL, we’ve seen how close knitted the yarn community is at current and got inspired to start this series! We want to pay it forward, fostering stronger relations by shining the spotlight on those whose works have caught our eyes but are still on the quiet. This was when we were introduced to Sylvia Hérissé, aka @lundisylv, who founded her brand, Lundi, in 2013.

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The Woven Path: Belinda Evans

We were first captivated by Belinda’s take on quality living: a slow and simple life filled with natural, sustainable materials, which then led us to wanting to discover more about her and her obsession with the natural world. A multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for exploration and foraging, we managed to get hold of the educator who prefers to work out of temporary studios. Read more on Belinda’s insightful and thoughtful journey below.


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The Woven Path: Ana Teresa Barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza may have wanted to be a magician when she was 5, but we think her works prove that she’s so much more than that. With a deep understanding and appreciation for nature, Ana Teresa’s embroideries are truly stunning works of art. You’ve probably seen them around the web, but read on to find what really goes on behind these masterpieces.

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The Woven Path: Emilie Roter

As a child, Emilie Roter was always exposed to different types of yarn, and though her grandmother tried to teach her knitting and needlework, back then she was more interested in playing (she was still a kid, after all!). Till one day, years later, she stumbled upon crocheting by chance, and the rest, as they say, is history…


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The Woven Path: Andreia Gomes

Andreia Gomes left her job as an interior stylist to focus on what she loves most: weaving. It is always daunting to make that first move and step into the unknown, but thanks to the support of her peers and followers on Instagram, Andreia elevated what was just a hobby to a full-time career. Get to know more of this Lisbon-based artist

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DIY Finger Knitting Trimmed Pillows with Anne Weil

At KOEL, we want to encourage a lifestyle of making and crafting. We want you to get your hands dirty with projects, and for you to produce works you love and have lovingly made. Dabbling into a life filled with creativity hones in on your skills and talent, and truthfully, it’s an awesome form of escape! Don’t you agree? Our new DIY column, Knit A Therapy, will do just that for you. We’re inviting talented crafters to share the joy of a handmade life with you!

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Crochet Accessories for the Modern Home

A modern-looking crochet proves to be a dime dozen. Search up “crochet” on Google and what you’ll find is a flurry of bright images, with colour combinations that bring you right back to the 80s. Crochet, which literally means “hook” in French, is deemed less popular than their other fibre art counterparts like weaving and knitting. They too, have lesser patterns available as compared to the rest. This makes it much more a rarity to find solid choices of contemporary crochet pieces.

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These Kids Rooms Get Styling with Yarns Right

With the resurgence of yarn crafting, there really is no exception as to where yarn can be found these days. We love the fact that even the kids’ rooms aren’t spared from the knitted, crocheted or woven fibers — because truly what it does is to amp up the coziness factor. Seeing is believing, so have a lovely scroll through these pleasantly cheerful interiors. 

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6 Bedrooms Decked with Yarn Accessories We Love

Yarns in bedrooms might be a familiar sight of your grandparents’ home from when you were little. Here at KOEL, we want to show you that yarn can belong in your sanctuary.

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Crafts Envy: Wired for Mixed Media

We are always on the look out for something new and exciting…something out of the ordinary to invigorate our creative senses. It’s important to constantly be wearing a pair of fresh eyes so that we get to broaden our minds and have the courage to experiment.

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Crafts Envy: Appeal of the Rya Knots

The fringe appeal has been a crowd favorite of late, appearing everywhere from fashion to interiors. In weaving, crafters tend to use rya knots to achieve this effect. Rya knots are one of the simplest technique of weaving and when used entirely in a weave creates a shaggy and textural look.

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Latch Hooking: The Rising Craft

Knitting, weaving, crocheting … these are all familiar terms, even amongst the newer yarn lovers (and hey, if you are new to yarn, we’d like to wish you a warm welcome!) – but latch hooking is still a concept and activity that is still very foreign to many of us.


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More is More

Just a quick search of ‘chunky yarns’ on Pinterest and you’ll see how prevalent they have become in the interior and fashion scene. Chunky yarns are fast becoming a trend in creating statement pieces that can literally be larger than life.

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