KOEL is Moving to Singapore!


And this is your chance to get your super bundle for a whole lot lesssssss .... 
The latest issue 7 PLUS issues 6, 5, 4, 2 and 1 for only EUR 35.- (sorry, Issue 3 is sold out).

The KOEL team is heading south again, closer to the equator. We'll firmly plant our flag in Singapore, where it all started a few years ago. While we're busy packing and unpacking, and getting ready to open our first brick & mortar KOEL showroom (yeah..!), our online shop will SOON be temporarily closed. Expect lots of new yarn-inspiration when we go live again in April, so stay tuned ...

You'd best hurry... before we pack everything up and move to Asia!

(the shop closes on 24 Feb and will only reopen in April)