KOEL Hand Spun LE. - The Lilacs No.015-027

Our most flamboyant and dynamic yarn series yet. Meet the KOEL exclusive hand spun yarns, a creation of our Editor-in-Chief. Learn the wonders you can create with this limited edition skein in KOEL Magazine Issue 8. Prices are per 10g.

Content: Mixed Rovings
Weight: (different for each skein)

Perfect for any weaving project or use these yarns for knitting or crochet. Truly one-of-a-kind!
Suggested Knitting Needle: US Size 5 to 7
Suggested Crochet Hook: US Size 7 to I-9

No.15 - 80g
No.16 - 70g
No.17 - 70g
No.18 - 95g
No.19 - 85g
No.20 - 80g
No.21 - 80g
No.22 - 90g
No.23 - 50g
No.24 - 55g
No.25 - 60g
No.26 - 80g
No.27 - 100g