Frame Loom Weaving: Where Do I Start?


1. Warping your loom
Tie a loop knot with the cotton thread and place it in any of the grooves at either ends.

To warp your loom, tie the warp to the loom and continuously warp the threads across to a width that will accommodate your design.

Remember not to pull the threads too tight or loose. Finish with a knot on the top at the other side where you start.


2. Securing the weave
Turn the loom back to the front and tie double knots on each warp leading to a row of knots along the bottom of your weave.

Note: This needs to be done at the top once you have completed your weave with the same yarn you finish with.

3. Design your weave
Plan and design your weave based on:
- Size
- Colours
- Textures
- Shapes


4. Start with RYA knots
Cut and make a bundle of yarn (around 20cm long) and warp it around two warps as shown.

Pull the end of the yarn through the middle of the two warps.

Repeat with the rest of the warps, and then trim the bottoms to make an even or angular bottom.

Work on the back side of the loom and flip over once done.


5. Plain weave technique (Tabby Weave)
Pass the yarn under alternate warp threads until you reach the other end of the loom. To speed up the process, you can slide a shed stick over and under each warp and use a needle to pull through the yarn.

When passing your yarn through, pull up to the opposite corner, and then gently push the yarn down with a bobbin so that it rests nicely on top of the previous row.

6. Joining yarns
When you get to the end of the yarn or would like to switch colours, end on an under and let the ends hang between the warps.

Be sure to leave about 3” - 4” tail so that you can tuck it in the back.

To continue your weaving, stick the tail of the new cut yarn under and leave a tail.

7. Ending it off
Tie your weave to a rod after you have cut it off the loom. After which, you can then give the Rya knots a trim if necessary.

Secure any loose yarns at the back of your weave.