Needlework Stitches: French Knot


By Rebecca Hector Clarke of NookNorth 

1. Bring your needle to the front of the fabric where you want the knot to be placed. Hold the thread around 3" from the fabric and place your needle at a right angle in front of the thread.

2. Keeping your needle hand still, wrap the thread towards you around the needle with your opposite hand. Wrap around once for a small knot or twice as shown above for a larger knot. 

3. Hold the thread taut enough that it won't slip off, but not so tight that it gets caught on the head of your needle. Insert it back almost in the exact place it passed through. This helps ensure that your knot doesn't disappear when you pull the thread back through to finish. 

4. Pull the thread carefully so that the wrapped thread remains taut around the needle. Gently push your needle into the fabric ensuring that the bundle of thread is sitting on the surface.  As you pull the needle all the way through, the threads will slip off the needle to create a French knot.