Nature-Inspired Artwork by Arounna Khounnoraj

January 23, 2017

Nature-Inspired Artwork by Arounna Khounnoraj

Bring elements of nature into your needlework pieces. Collect specimens, thread a needle and impress yourself! 

Pattern By
Arounna Khounnoraj of Bookhou

DMC cotton embroidery floss in brown no.433, light green no.470, medium green no.702, dark green no.730, orange no.780, yellow no.743, dark grey no.844, pink no.407 and ecru

Tools & Materials
Embroidery hoop 15cm[6”]

Stitches used 
Back stitch
Satin stitch

Download and print out the Nature-Inspired pattern. Transfer the pattern onto your fabric and secure with an embroidery hoop.

For the stem:Taking two strands of floss, start by doing a back stitch on each stem. From the most left stem to the right, use brown floss followed by dark grey, dark green and orange floss.

For the buds: Use 3 strands of floss for each bud. Satin stitch the first three sprig (from the left) using yellow, light green and pink floss respectively. For the last sprig, satin stitch using ecru floss in the direction starting from the outside and moving towards the center. After which, sew small dots on the surface using a single strand of dark grey floss. 

For the small leaves: Back stitch the inside surface areas using 3 strands of light green or medium green floss interchangeably on the stem.  

For the big leaf: Back stitch the inside surface areas using 3 strands of dark green floss with a diagonal stitch direction that mimics the direction of the leaf veins. Then, create the veins of the leaf using two strands of medium green floss. After which, sew small dots on the surface using a single strand of orange floss.

To end off, run your needle underneath some of the stitches on the wrong side of your work. Trim off ends of your thread. Be creative with your embroidery piece, either keep it in the hoop or fame it.