Love Is All Around by Jessica Nielsen

Love Is All Around by Jessica Nielsen

How about this piece to express some love to your BFF? We promise it will definitely melt their hearts whether it's for their birthday or valentine's. 

Pattern By
Jessica Nielsen 

Cosmo embroidery floss black no. 600, white no. 100 and orange no. 147. 

Tools & Materials
Fabric (blue color)
Embroidery hoop

Stitches used
Back stitch
Satin stitch


Download and print out the Love Is All Around pattern. 

Transfer the Love Is All Around pattern onto your fabric. Secure your fabric into your embroidery hoop.

Knot the end of your thread and bring your needle to the front of the fabric at the starting point of your first stitch.

For the lines: Back stitch the lines using three strands of floss orange floss. 

For the hearts, flowers and circular shapes: Start back stitching the outlines of the hearts, flowers and circular shapes using two strands of floss in their respective colors. To fill up the hearts, flowers and circular shapes, satin stitch using 3 floss strands in the correct color. Make sure you start from the outside of the outline covering the back stitches. Important to start from the middle of the shapes, stitch to one end, return to the middle and stitch to the other end.

To end off, run your needle underneath some of the stitches on the wrong side of your work. Trim off ends of your thread.