Spiral Light Cord By Mei Kwee Chong

October 01, 2016

Spiral Light Cord By Mei Kwee Chong

Turn your plain light cord into an accessory that spells boho chic! Make it a statement piece in your home decor and it will be an eye catcher to anyone who enters your room. 

Pattern By
Mei Kwee Chong of Studio Bloesem

Katia Azteca (55% Virgin Wool, 45% Acrylicn color 7851) (length depends on length of electric cord)

Tools & Materials
Electric cord
Measuring tape

Knots used
Half knot sinnet

Cut 4 pieces of yarn 8 times the length of your electric cord each.

Using all 4 pieces of yarn, tie a double overhand knot at the end of your electric cord, ensuring that the ends align. You will have 2 groups of 4 yarns separated by the electric cord as your inner cord. While knotting, treat the 4 pieces of yarns on each side as one combined strand.

To create the spiral braid on your electric cord, tie half knot sinnet until you reach the end of the cord. If you run out of yarns, cut new strands of yarn and tap it down just below the last half knot sinnet you made. Continue tying half knot sinnet on top of the tape and the ends of your previous pieces of yarns.

To end off, tie a double overhand knot and tuck the ends inside the braid.