Hanging Planter By Hila Eshel

Hanging Planter By Hila Eshel

Bring in the greens and bohemian vibes to your space with this macramé hanging planter. Pop in some succulents and hang it in your living room or by your kitchen window for an instant breathe of life to your space. 

Pattern By
Hila Eshel of Hili Studio

42m[137.8ft] of Lanas Stop Ciro (100% cotton in color no. 713)
4m[13ft] of silver thread

Tools & Materials
Wooden ring
5cm[2”] length copper rod (spray painted silver)
Measuring tape

Knots used
Wrapped knot
Square knot


Measure and cut 8 pieces of 5m[16.4ft] yarn and 2 pieces of 1m[3.28ft] yarn. Group all the 8 pieces of yarn together and feed them through the wooden ring, ensuring that the ends align.

Place the wooden ring on a secure hook on the wall to begin knotting.

Using one of the 1m[3.28ft] piece, tie a wrapped knot 3.5cm[1.38”] of length around the group of 8 yarns. Cut off the loose ends.

Divide the yarns into 4 groups of 4 yarns each.

Measure 9cm[3.54”] down the wrapped area for each group of yarns and tie square knots 20 times on all 4 groups of yarns.

Measure and cut 4 pieces of 1m[3.28ft] silver thread. Tie a wrapped knot 1.5cm[0.59”] of length around each group of yarns.

Continue by tying tie square knots 20 times on all 4 groups of yarns again.

Measure down 35cm[13.78”] from your square knot.

Divide each group of 4 yarns in half and join them with 2 yarns from the group adjacent to them by tying a square knots 2 times.

Measure down 6cm[2.36”] (this length depends on the size of your pot) from your previous square knot.

Again, divide each group into half and tie adjacent strands into square knot twice.

Measure down 7cm[2.76”] and thread the copper rod through all the strands of yarn. 

To finish off, tie a wrapped knot 2.5cm[0.98”] of length using the other 1m[3.28ft] piece of yarn. Cut off the ends to lengths of your preference.