January 23, 2017 1 min read

Diamonds are our best friend, but we just prefer them on the wall. Guys, this might be a more thoughtful present for the special ladies in your life! 

Pattern By
Rianne Zuijderduin of Teddy & Wool

36 pieces of 4.5m[14.7ft] twisted 6mm thickness cotton rope 

Tools & Materials
64cm[25.2"] wooden dowel 

52cm[20.5"] width 
115 cm[45.3"] height 

Knots used
Larks head knot
Square knot


Find a good place to hang your wooden dowel. Start off with folding the 36 threads of cotton rope in half. Knot those threads with a larks head knot on the wooden dowel to connect them to it. Start off with the knotting of a square knot in the 4 outermost threads to begin your pattern. Skip 4 threads and knot the next 2 square knots. Skip 4 threads, knot 2 square knots, skip 4 threads, knot 2 square knots and continue the pattern to finish the first row.

For the second row, skip the first 6 threads, and create a square knot. This knot will go right under the first one with only 2 threads of rope from the first knot, and the 2 threads of rope next to it.

Continue with knotting the pattern until the whole pattern is finished.

Cut all threads on a length of your choice. I did a total macramé height of 115 cm. Knot a basic knot on the ends of all threads to prevent it from unraveling. Attach a cotton cord on top for hanging, and pick the prettiest place on your wall for hanging!