Floral Wall Piece Adapted by Darling Clementine

September 29, 2016

Floral Wall Piece Adapted by Darling Clementine

Floral patterns are always a favorite! Score immediate brownie points with this handmade wall piece. And sometimes, the back design wins the day instead –– so flip over to admire your hard work. 

Pattern Adapted By
Darling Clementine

Lana Grossa Mille II Uni (50% virgin wool, 50% acrylic in color no. 17, 46, 59, 78)

Tools & Materials
Latch hook
Mesh canvas

Download and print the Floral pattern. Use the pattern as a guide to match the correct colored yarn to the correct grid. 

Cut the yarns at about 8cm[3"] in length. You can cut different lengths for the various yarns to give your piece a more textural feel.

Following the pattern, latch hook the yarns onto the grid making sure you stick to your chosen color palette. Start from the bottom row and latch hook your way to the top.

Once you have finished the pattern, trim the edges of the canvas leaving a 3cm[1"] border. Fold the border to the back of the canvas and stitch around to bind.