Knitting: Casting Off

 What is it:

Once you have finished your piece, you cannot simply slide it off the needles of course. You need to secure the stitches first to avoid unraveling your master piece! Enter, casting off. You’ll have to cast off in the same stitch that you used for your piece (but sometimes the pattern may direct you otherwise which is fine too).

Here, we only show you the knit-wise cast off. More to follow later!

Where do you start:

1.  First, watch the video tutorial!

2.  Then, knit two stitches from the left-hand needle onto the right-hand needle.

3.  Insert the tip of the left-hand needle into the first stitch of the right-hand needle, lifting the first stitch over the second stitch and dropping it off the right-hand needle.
4.  Knit a new stitch from the left-hand needle and repeat until all stitches have been worked off (cast off) the left-hand needle and there’s only one stitch on the right-hand needle.
5. Now, cut the yarn (you can only do this once, so be careful), leaving enough to secure it, about 15cm (6 inches). Gently pull (use your fingers) the last stitch to make it slightly wider. Pull the end of the yarn all the way through the loop you created. Take the needle out and pull the yarn tight.