Crafts Envy: Appeal of the Rya Knots

July 06, 2016

Crafts Envy: Appeal of the Rya Knots

The fringe appeal has been a crowd favorite of late, appearing everywhere from fashion to interiors. In weaving, crafters tend to use rya knots to achieve this effect. Rya knots are one of the simplest technique of weaving and when used entirely in a weave creates a shaggy and textural look. The KOEL team has fallen head over heels for them, which is why we are sharing this with you on our very first #craftsenvy post!

Crafts Envy is a collage of eye craft candy, where we can all ogle and admire beautifully-made items the KOEL team has discovered. Our craft crush this week is the rya knots. Though initially used for rugs or bedding in Scandinavia, this technique is now mostly used to design lightweight wall-hanging, with the knotted file on the front. Usually found at the bottom of a weave, the rya knots can alternatively be placed just about anywhere on the piece of art in order to create a more dynamic and interesting composition. The wonderful thing about the rya knots is its ability to hold the thread ends in place, thus adding substance to the weave.

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The rya is ideal for beginners, because of its simple repetitive movements, and its versatility. Depending on the type of materials used, the rya knot can be made to create complementary textures varying visual interests. Colours can also be added to emphasize its vibrancy or kept to a minimum tone for a more minimalistic appearance. Go the extra mile and play with the fringe trimmings – have it altered at various lengths and angles for your desired effect. The rya knot technique has an array of graphic possibilities!

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We hope you are swooning over these wall hangings like we are! Stay tune for more #craftsenvy as we bring you more of interesting crafts from all over the globe.

Featured image via Weekday Carnival